Giving Back

While my focus is to ambitiously work to help others find their perfect community, I believe it is our purpose and mission to do our part to make it even stronger. I am very proud to live in a caring and philanthropic community.

Giving back ultimately benefits everyone and creates a kinder and more compassionate world. I enjoy participating in community events, fundraising efforts, and charitable causes that build connection and unity to the Waterloo region and surrounding areas.

I love helping people find the community they love to call home, and I equally believe it is our inherent responsibility. There is also great joy in giving back to the community. I am proud to be a part of a thriving community and have the joy of helping others find through the buying and selling of their homes within it. If you would like to invite me to be involved in your event, please share it with me and let me know how to participate or partner with you. There is no better feeling than making a difference in the community we love amongst the people that live here.

Peaceful Perogies & Negronis: A Taste of Ukraine

Peaceful Perogies & Negronis: A Taste of Ukraine

The idea for this event was initially created and held successfully in Nova Scotia by my son Andrew and his friend, Ilya. Peaceful Perogies and Negronis was created because my son felt there was a need to support refugees coming to Canada, fleeing from the Ukraine. He is a mixologist in Nova Scotia and thought this would be a great way to introduce Ukrainian food and culture which is part of my heritage, in an effort to bring awareness about the financial and social realities of what these families are experiencing as they navigate a new home and new life.

After the success of the NS event, I decided that we should bring this same awareness to the people of my community. Funds would be funneled to real local people who need the support. My son and Ilya flew in for this event and together we created a special evening for all attendees. With everyone’s generous contributions, it helped us to extend our mission to remember those that are suffering the consequences of circumstances that are out of their control. The event was successful and $20,000+ in proceeds was raised for the Slavic Gospel Association Canada – who in turn distributes the funds directly to families that need it. This contribution will help new refugees as they navigate a new home and new life in a new country.

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